Saturday, July 16, 2011

The event: Gsus Sindustries red carpet launch event

The campaign shoot could not have prepared me for what was to come with the event. I missed a weeks worth of sleep with over 400 guests prepared to attend the extravaganza and only 5 gloomy days to prep.The event turned out amazing and the official campaign was presented during the event along with celebrity videos.I could not have been more happy to see all of our hard work streaming through the Cafe Entourage venue.Aside from the fact that I was misinterpreted for about 3 or 4 very demanding job titles ( yet still took on the persona/responsibility of all 4) staying calm and collected was my main goal.One minute I had managers coming to me giving me talent lists to then walk down the red carpet and the next minute I was doing interviews and checking for VIP tables.

Lets just the end of the night..everyone was left happy!

                              For more images on the event visit:^events.sql&q2=2011%20GSUS%20US%20Summer%20Campaign%20Launch%20Party%20at%20Cafe%20Entourage%20in%20Hollywood%20on%20June%2024%2C%202011&x-start=0&ps=1&xgrouped=1

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