Tuesday, September 27, 2011

"Another Fashion Book" feature!

Nyvia Weathersby is, arguably, one of Los Angeles’ youngest industry professionals. Working with a eclectic batch of publications,celebrities and fashion houses, Nyvia was destined to be a fashion savvy Journalist at a early age. Starting off at the age of 15, Nyvia had her own column in her hometown’s newspaper and shortly after that became one of the fashion editors of Nick Cannon’s teen magazine,Celebrity High. Freelancing for over ten publications since then, Nyvia has been on the Hollywood scene ever since. Rather covering a Kardashian event or grooving with Jason Derulo at his past listening event, Nyvia reflects her style of choice in a perceptive and unpretentious manner.Working with influential celebrities that range from Angela Simmons to Sam Sarpong, Nyvia still finds time to balance her many talents. Most recently finishing up her contract with Vogue Magazine,Nyvia continues to freelance and work with Vibe Magazine and Los Angeles based celebrities. You can view some of her works and style blog through www.nwjournalist.com.

Check out Antwain Mitchells site http://www.anotherfashionbook.com/ ! He is one of the top
 African American fashion bloggers and my personal fav!

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Thank you again for the amazing recognition!

Hollywood runs into.. Malibu?

The last few weeks have been a combination of Toronto Fashion Week madness and publication hopping. This weekend I covered the Miss Malibu 2012 crowning event which included my love Kristina G. from E! News, Aubrey O'day, OK Magazine and a host of other influential individuals and artists.

Aside from the fact that it was freezing cold, the ceremony was very beautiful. Held on what seemed to be the highest mountain in Malibu, the view was extraordinary!

Congradulations to Miss Malibu 2012!

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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Dear World,

'Your mind can be very powerful if you allow it to be.Don't waste it-you can create greatness.'


Oh how I wish I could have picked your brain.
 Oscar De La Renta:
Always in for me but most especially in the Fall.

I am secretly in love with you.

Virgina Woolf.
Don't ask.It's a 'writers' thing.

Boy London.
Madonna couldn't have rocked you better.Grunge is coming back full throttle in London and I have front row seats.

Monday, September 12, 2011

LA Sparks & Us: Jack Black & The Africa Channel

Vogue Oriented: "Fashion Night Out" on Melrose

This year I kicked off FNOLA with a different tune. Usually I cover the major shows at the Beverly Center each year then swing my pencil by other small events for a publication or two. This year, since I have been working with some pretty cool designers & boutiques, I decided to arrange my very own Fashion Night Out event with American Vintage and celebs. American Vintage and myself partnered in the collaboration for the "Adopt a Retailer" sector of FNO. Hosted by my partner, Sam Sarpong, the night was full of fashion savvy friends,professionals,models,celebrities and chic shoppers! The event consisted of a runway show (brought on mostly by American Vintage Manager,Sergio Jospeh) ,DJ,dancing and drinks.

I wasn't able to hit any other spots but I was told this year retailers really "did-it-up" ! What do you think? Inside scoop please!?

The Night in a flash.

Special thanks to Actors Reporter,face of Dolce & Gabbana ,Christian Monzon and all of my other amazing friends/associates.

The runway

Monday, September 5, 2011

Show me..a good time.

This past weekend a few of my fashion friends and I got together and tried to be as unproductive as possible.It didn't work. The day went by full of sushi,girl talk and clothes.Speaking of clothes, an unorganized shoot followed the process of looking through my closet and my friends "must-haves". With her handy dandy photographers camera tucked in her vintage tote, Vita Pazessca Fashion Blogger, Monique, made ..greatness ( I think).

Inspired by the "Fall meets Spring" theme that has been so aimlessly presented in Vogue and Flaunt, much of the looks are vintage possessed ( American Vintage/American Way).

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Trying to..convince my shadow I'm someone worth following

I think many industry professionals can relate to this post. One of my favorite blogs,"Bleed for Fashion", posted a comment on subject of the difference of being 'alone' and 'lonely'. In the commentary she reiterates the significance of loving..yourself.I am not a advocate of  many blogs- I can say that this Vancouver native brings much more light to the world of art than anticipated.

"It's only when you are alone, you are able to truly be yourself. There's no one around to impress. There's no explaining or misunderstanding. There's no pretense. No facade. No secret. Just you in your most raw and vulnerable state. You can think your thoughts. You can feel your feelings. You can be you by just being you. Of course not everyone can do this with the same ease and confidence as those who are have master the skill of being alone, but then those who are comfortable and secure in their own solitude truly knows what it means to have a relationship with themselves."