Wednesday, March 28, 2012

If I fall..

One month and 8 days to be exact. Finishing my undergraduate studies is a lot more treacherous than I thought it would be. My goal for this week was to simply dodge this annoying question 

" So..what are you going to do now?"

Yesterday I found out I was one of the 8 individuals in my major to be graduating with Honors ( which softened my anxiety). The truth is I am a artist and like many artist my destiny can not be defined or put in a box. I want to do everything!

Post graduation I plan on ditching school and going to the Carribean. After graduation I plan on being as happy as possible in Cuba. That is all for now. The expectations and pressures that come with working/interning for some of the most prominent celebrities and publications is insane. Trust me, I know.

Please keep in mind I am only 22 and still have tons of irresponsible things to experience. With that being said, for now, I plan on being the best 'ME' I can possibly be.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

LA Fashion Week Recap: Words just aren't enough.

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Friday, March 9, 2012

VIBE Magazine: VLNTV Network meets fashion

I was working on a collaboration with VLNTV, JoyRich and Angela Simmons right before 2012 hit. Despite a few bumps in the road and two reshoots, the piece turned out great! Thank you to my VLNTV team, Chris Mannor and all of the JoyRich staff! You all are amazing!

Check out the video and post on the JoyRich blog!

Inspiration: Art is everywhere.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Goodbye LA & Hello Sacramento: Cal Grant tragedies!

Last week I was selected to represent Woodbury University at the "AICCU: Day at the Capitol" event in Sacramento to discuss the continuation of Cal Grants with government officials, senates and legislatures. The AICCU Lobby event was amazing- it was like nothing I have ever experienced before! Aside from the gruesome reality of the lack of funds available to keep many minority based programs up and running, we did our best to portray what our world will look like if based only on financial stability. 
The reality is, if we do not speak up and fight for our need for HIGHER education, private schools ( of all kind) will receive reduced Cal Grant funding of 44 %. It is of no surprise that the majority of students that receive Cal Grants are of low income and minority families.
 I was so surprised by the support we received from various senates and legislatures. My hopes for my generation's education, despite the proposed setbacks in the 2012-13 budget, has not died.

We are not JUST numbers or statistics. Please make your voice heard!
 Airplane food.
 Pep Rally!
 That's me!
 Sneaking around the old building in the Capitol

 Sacramento Airport art!

Refinery29 : "Meet the Editor" event

OMG! My dream came true this past weekend when Brenna E. , LA Editor of Refinery 29, invited me to attend her event in West Hollywood. Aside from the fact that Brenna is the cutest thing I have seen in a while, she is also very warm and welcoming.

Her staff also took some flics of myself and other stylin' attendees for their Street Style sector. The flics should be up on the site very soon !

Thanks for having me Refinery!

Please check out !

New at ELLE event: Hello LA Fashion Week!

I'm kicking off Los Angeles Fashion Week with my PR lovers these season! Thank you to the ELLE team for a great "New at ELLE" event! I loved the Eco lines, social media screens and innovative jewelry! From amazing Braid Bars to bobby pin necklace making, the Elle staff left no room for careless innovation. 

For more  information on the event/company visit!

BlackBook Magazine shoots!

I was asked to assist the stylists on a few BlackBook Magazine shoots this past month. With talent like Anna Faris, Alison Brie and Jason Segal, our sets were full of laughter and running around.

I was able to snap a few flics of the shoots & and my hands ( which were secretly covered in Ferragamo pieces) !