Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I will 'blog' you forever.

Dear world,

I know-the lack of posting may have denied me any further access into your website roll.I understand.I have been extremely busy planning Vogue FNOLA event with American Vintage and making sure my partner, Sarpong,keeps his head above the waves while in London town (UK tour).

As of now I am in the process of planning a few more shoots and have decided to try to bring out the beauty of my senior year at Woodbury University (cough) and embrace..debt once again.With 18 units and the same amount of career avenues to walk down daily, somehow, it is flowing quite well.

Many have asked but NO, I was unable to attend the VMA's (Sad face). I was scheduled to cover a few Def Jam events and post-VMA events but,like a dork, I settled for a day full of film and good food- If you haven't seen "The Help", please discontinue reading and go get a ticket now!

As promised, Monique finished the spread and it looks really cool! Check out the official images: http://vitapazzesca.com/?p=3374

P.S-Please visit my website (In which this blog is an addition to) and "like" my website facebook page!www.nwjournalist.com!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

American Vintage goes Vita Pazzesca:Behind the scene

Vintage pieces anyone? This is what happens when you give a OCD fashion journalist control of your store.Shoots from left to right. I had a great idea to have infamous fashion blogger, Monique Adina, style and be shot in all American Vintage apparel for her blog. Conservative Monique gave myself and a few other fashion addicts the 'ok' to add a bit more 'umph' to her closet. Below are a few images of the sunny day on Melrose.When finalized, I will post the official shots.

Thank you to everyone that was involved !Special thanks to American Vintage manager, Sergio, for just..being amazing!

And after..we ate..& kissed.

 Thank you to the amazing stylist, Cesar Cummings! You are the cream of the crop?!

Check out Monique's site at http://www.vitapazzesca.com/  ! You WILL love it!

Dear Vibe Magazine: Jason Derulo is HOT.

Taking orders? Ill have a plate of J.D please.The 21 year old never ceases to amaze me. His determination and talent keeps nonbelievers coming back for more. Releasing his second studio album in September, Derulo hosted a listening event for industry professionals and LA natives.I covered the event for Vibe Magazine-hosted at The Redbury Hotel in Hollywood.

P.S- I LOVE this red American Vintage cardi!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Kardashian Kollection: Curvy Fashionista's ?

Yes- The Kardashians have done it again. I know. Crazy right? Aside from newlywed Kim K being the face of Hollywood royalty, the Kardashian klan have snuck back up on the fashion scene yet again and I was there to witness it all. Beautiful event. I covered the Kardashian Kollection launch event for The Curvy Fashionista (http://www.thecurvyfashionista.net/ ) in correspondence with Vibe Magazine.

From prints to bold metallics, the line caters to the 'everyday' woman. With a variety of evening wear that transpires from 'day-to-night', the line definitely brings out the curves in every form.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

You know what they say about 'all work & no play..?'

Dear World,

I have been in constant motion the last ...three years. Since my contract with Vogue came to an end last month, I have picked up speed in every other area that was lacking prior. I haven't had any time to rest or..be "21"! ( shhh). With that being said our team decided to just..go out and have a relaxing night at The Cabana Club. With two free tables and service on the "Its all Free" tab, I couldn't resist.

Thank you again to the amazing owner of The Highlands/Cabana Club for welcoming us and being such a great help with our past event!

The red section.

Just when I thought all hope was lost, I found this floral romper piece hiding in the deepest corner of American Vintage.Worn at a collaboration event at The Highlands with my company and a few PR individuals,my ensemble was well received by the camera lights ( thank God I didn't have any "chest malfunctions" in the mist!).

Visit http://rubinasphotography.com/ for more images of the event!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Golden Rags, Accessory bags.

Aside from the fact that the ladies who own Golden Rags are two of the most phenomenal women I have ever met, Golden rags, as a brand ,is one of the most creative vintage lines I have came across in awhile. Showing at their very first trunk show in Bellflower this past weekend, Golden Rags became a instant hit.I was lucky enough to make it just in time to snatch the GV vintage blazer worn in the above image.

You can check out Golden Rags at  http://www.goldenrags.tumblr.com/ !

A.I.M & Power 106 'Sunday Funday'

Sunday Funday anyone? My team and I hosted a social event in collaboration with Power 106 yesterday. Full of  celebrities,industry professionals basketball players, X-singers, upcoming starlets and party goers, the event definitely brought a sense of ease to everyone that was in attendance . Thank you again to the Tolucan Times,Kiss FM, Power 106 and everyone else that came out to support us!