Monday, January 9, 2012

The Curvy Fashionista Anniversary event: I love you!

There are some people in the fashion world that have an 'never-ending' influence on me- The Curvy Fashionista is one of them. Not only am I one of the many great editors/contributors of The Curvy but the true fashionista herself is one of my greatest role models and supporters. I met Marie a few years ago during a fashion show at the Beverly Center ( possibly during FNOLA). 

Thank God I squeezed in a front row seat right next to this woman. From this point on our friendship has been full of support and love. From my run-around with VOGUE to advice on boys, Marie is there ( much like a big sister)

I love you & I am looking forward to witnessing all of the blessings and success God has for you!

2012: New Beginnings !

Its official! BlackBook Magazine, Uptown and VIBE owners have merged under one roof. I wasn't sure what was going on at first but after our savvvy shoot yesterday with BlackBook NY, I am more than on top of the scoop. I am very excited to be working more closely with both Uptown and BB.

Yesterday VIBE helped BlackBook on their shoot at Smashbox Studios with a cast member of "Mad Men". I have never seen a set like the one created on set-with a nature inspired aesthetic, the set was full of sand, fake mountains and trees.

Check out the images below! 


I live for these LV's and Prada's!


Monday, January 2, 2012


I honestly never would have dreamt of all of the amazing things that came to life in 2011.I am overwhelmed with happiness-my friends and I brought in the new year together,for once. Last year I spent NYE with my ex-boyfriend ( *throws up*). Despite all of the struggles and complications had in 2011, when I look back on all that my friends,family and myself accomplished, I think it is nothing short of a miracle.

From working my way to Teen Vogue in NYC to flying around with VOGUE in LA, it is all a blessing. I'm not really into making NYE resolutions ( because we never really keep them anyway) but I am into making progress.I pray to grow even stronger in 2012.With my amazing friends and family by my side, I hope to laugh more,dance more and cry less.

Happy New Year beautiful people!