Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Curvy Fashionista- "Wacoal for the Holidays!"

Yes- I am still a Fashion Editor for The Curvy Fashionista- Please check out the link/piece below on my trip to Wacoal's private fitting. I recently received a great package from them and I absolutely love the brand!

Uplift your Holiday with Wacoal

 Wacoal Full Figure featuring Asia Monet

Asia Monet for Wacoal

They say that it’s ‘better to give than to receive’. I say differently! This season treat yourself to something that will uplift your best assets and Holiday spirit! Say goodbye to Target brand braziers that leave those deadly battle wound marks on your shoulders and say hello to Wacoal-the apparel line from heaven. Personally, I have never been a fan of bra’s or very particular about undergarment shape wear. Although voluptuous, I typically find something and ‘make it work’.

When asked to attend Wacoals’ 2012 private viewing at the Sunset Tower Hotel I, of course, underestimated the brand and its elegance. Not aware of the bit of embarrassment I was getting ready to undergo, I agreed to a fitting . Transforming my target brand bra into the ‘Retro Chic’ full busted underwire Wacoal bra was a moment I will never forget. Instantly my mood and ‘breast mojo’ changed- I was feeling in control while still being able to showcase my style.

I think one of the problems with lingerie companies is that, sometimes, they forget about the customer. Just because we have larger (or smaller) breast doesn’t mean we want to wear boring bra’s. Wacoal solved this heightend assumption- allowing their consumer to be flirty,conservative,bold,elegant or even a bit on the wild side, Wacaol has undergarments for all individuals.
Dedicated to providing beautiful,well fitting quality intimate apparel, Wacoal is designed to enhance womens beauty and self image. Featured on The View, The Oprah Winfrey Show, The Ellen DeGeneres show, Entertainment Tonight and NBC Today, Wacoal is dedicated to spreading the word about the benefits of great fitting undergarments.

Launching B’tempted by Wacoal in 2009, Wacoal is now one of the world’s largest intimate apparel companies.With headquarters in Japan, Wacoal’s contributes their heightened technology and design esthetic both to European and Japanese heritage.

You can learn more about the La Femme, B’Tempted, and the other collections by Wacoal by visiting their site! 

Happy Holidays: Friends/Family !

When my friends and I get together I know it will be a night full of laughs,fashion and dancing!My friends hosted a family shin dig for the Christmas Holidays!

I hope everyone has a terrific Holiday/New Year. Create new memories-leave all negativity in the past & let's make 2012 amazinng!

We..tried to cook 8/


VIBE Mix Master Session recap: Be your own DJ!

VIBE New York & VIBE LA hosted a Mix master session with Hyundai downtown Los Angeles. The VIBE Ipad app is amazzzinngg! Literally you can become our own DJ-its that easy.It looks something like this:

DJ Kiss sampled all of the instruments step by step for us.By the end of the session we were all 'jamming'!Too bad I don't have a ipad 8/.

Thanks again to Hyundai and everyone who came out !

It's..kind of N'credible:Toys for Tots Event!

I attended Nick Cannons' N'credible 'Toys for Tots' event in collaboration with CH Magazine & Angela/Vanessa Simmons ( Pastry.!I was so surprised and happy to see all of the celebs who came to support!Skating & eating cupcakes for a cause has never felt better!

Most importantly, It was great seeing my old team at Nick Cannons Mag, CH Magazine.They helped me develop my growth and leadership skills as a entertainment/lifestyle Journalist and I am forever appreciative!

Happy Holidays: Nakeah Cosmetics duo !

I met celebrity make-up artist Nakeah Fuller when I was assisting on a shoot over the summer. Since then we have been inseparable. She is an all-around professional. Fuller owns All About Face Academy downtown Los Angeles and also has her own makeup line, Nakeah Cosmetics. I leaped for the opportuniuty when asked to be apart of her beauty team!

Last week Nakeah hosted a private Holiday party at her beauty lounge on Melrose.We are planning a few awesome projects for the new year- keep a look out 0_0!

Nothing is IMPOSSIBLE.

Hey loves! I know- I am not the greatest at updating my weblog. So sorry! You will be happy to know that all of the time spent 'not updating' did not go straight to the trashcan. So much has happened since LAFW which I display on my Facebook page ( please go check it out :!/pages/Nyvia-Weathersby/206611689372699). I have been in talks with MTV in regards to some upcoming projects as well as a few entertainment fashion sites( cross your fingers!). Most recently I have been running through LA on a variety of different shoots with VIBE Magazine and some awesome fashion savvy professionals.

Bare with me as I try my best to update this 'thang'. As of yet, I just completed a fashion segment with Celebrity Stylist, Chris Mannor,Angela Simmons and JoyRich.Despite the minor glitches, I enjoyed working with such a diverse group of people- Myself and Chris came up with the concept of the segment in about two days. Images below!

Day #1

Day #2