Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I will 'blog' you forever.

Dear world,

I know-the lack of posting may have denied me any further access into your website roll.I understand.I have been extremely busy planning Vogue FNOLA event with American Vintage and making sure my partner, Sarpong,keeps his head above the waves while in London town (UK tour).

As of now I am in the process of planning a few more shoots and have decided to try to bring out the beauty of my senior year at Woodbury University (cough) and embrace..debt once again.With 18 units and the same amount of career avenues to walk down daily, somehow, it is flowing quite well.

Many have asked but NO, I was unable to attend the VMA's (Sad face). I was scheduled to cover a few Def Jam events and post-VMA events but,like a dork, I settled for a day full of film and good food- If you haven't seen "The Help", please discontinue reading and go get a ticket now!

As promised, Monique finished the spread and it looks really cool! Check out the official images: http://vitapazzesca.com/?p=3374

P.S-Please visit my website (In which this blog is an addition to) and "like" my website facebook page!www.nwjournalist.com!

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