Tuesday, August 23, 2011

American Vintage goes Vita Pazzesca:Behind the scene

Vintage pieces anyone? This is what happens when you give a OCD fashion journalist control of your store.Shoots from left to right. I had a great idea to have infamous fashion blogger, Monique Adina, style and be shot in all American Vintage apparel for her blog. Conservative Monique gave myself and a few other fashion addicts the 'ok' to add a bit more 'umph' to her closet. Below are a few images of the sunny day on Melrose.When finalized, I will post the official shots.

Thank you to everyone that was involved !Special thanks to American Vintage manager, Sergio, for just..being amazing!

And after..we ate..& kissed.

 Thank you to the amazing stylist, Cesar Cummings! You are the cream of the crop?!

Check out Monique's site at http://www.vitapazzesca.com/  ! You WILL love it!

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