Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Optimal Health, It's Possible.

Shout out to Jennifer!

Think life is a little different for her now? She has hypothyroid syndrome and struggled to lose weight since she was diagnosed. Finally lost 72 pounds, 13 inches off her waist and... 10 off her hips. Chronic plantar fasciitis and insulin resistance is gone just like that!

Now she has the energy to chase her little culprit, and not just chase her but catch her, throw her in the air, twirl her around, wrestle her to the ground, and tickle her!

Congrats love! I'm not too far from reaching my goal both physically and mentally. When I first started the program I was probably the most worrisome and stressed person in the world but that has gradually changed. Learning about my *not-so-great* habits and how to change them has been a LIFE "SAVA"! #TSFL #OptimalHealth

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