Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Keep your head up.

Life after graduation:
( Simi-Update)

I would have never imagined experiencing even half of the things I did over the course of 4 years. I think it's hard to hop off of a train once you board. I have been trying to be ...young but the passion I have for my career and fashion extends far beyond the cliche of a job or money. It is me. It is what I love.

With that being said, I haven't taken a break since graduation ( Thank God). Although I did get the job with Rodarte I am still retail and PR hopping. 

Life after graduating is.. exciting in a awkward type of way ( Get it..?). I am more in-tune with myself , what really matters and my career goals. I try not to force anything to happen yet instead have faith in the definite opportunities that will come.

I hope to be a growing example of my surroundings and education. I hope that also, by doing so, I can show fellow graduates that anything is possible. Literally. I am not sure why people think your supposed to have a high paying job after you graduate and riding around in a Benz. With a BA? Nah homie. The truth? It just gets harder ( In a good way if your up for the challenge). Success inst magically granted after college. Fellow grads,only you can guarantee your future. Stay determined. Don't let society or a piece of paper determine you.

Keep your fingers crossed for me too, eh?

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