Wednesday, March 28, 2012

If I fall..

One month and 8 days to be exact. Finishing my undergraduate studies is a lot more treacherous than I thought it would be. My goal for this week was to simply dodge this annoying question 

" So..what are you going to do now?"

Yesterday I found out I was one of the 8 individuals in my major to be graduating with Honors ( which softened my anxiety). The truth is I am a artist and like many artist my destiny can not be defined or put in a box. I want to do everything!

Post graduation I plan on ditching school and going to the Carribean. After graduation I plan on being as happy as possible in Cuba. That is all for now. The expectations and pressures that come with working/interning for some of the most prominent celebrities and publications is insane. Trust me, I know.

Please keep in mind I am only 22 and still have tons of irresponsible things to experience. With that being said, for now, I plan on being the best 'ME' I can possibly be.

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