Thursday, March 8, 2012

Goodbye LA & Hello Sacramento: Cal Grant tragedies!

Last week I was selected to represent Woodbury University at the "AICCU: Day at the Capitol" event in Sacramento to discuss the continuation of Cal Grants with government officials, senates and legislatures. The AICCU Lobby event was amazing- it was like nothing I have ever experienced before! Aside from the gruesome reality of the lack of funds available to keep many minority based programs up and running, we did our best to portray what our world will look like if based only on financial stability. 
The reality is, if we do not speak up and fight for our need for HIGHER education, private schools ( of all kind) will receive reduced Cal Grant funding of 44 %. It is of no surprise that the majority of students that receive Cal Grants are of low income and minority families.
 I was so surprised by the support we received from various senates and legislatures. My hopes for my generation's education, despite the proposed setbacks in the 2012-13 budget, has not died.

We are not JUST numbers or statistics. Please make your voice heard!
 Airplane food.
 Pep Rally!
 That's me!
 Sneaking around the old building in the Capitol

 Sacramento Airport art!

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