Wednesday, October 5, 2011

In Social Media class.. Socializing? ( Do not try this at home)

Aside from trying to change the world one fashion article at a time, I also enjoy going to school.So.. for the last 3 1/2 years I have been attending Woodbury University with a focus in Communications and Fashion.

The best part about school is it's social construct in a classroom: you never really know what you're going to get ( Life is like..a box of chocolate?). In this particular case 'you never know what your going to get when putting a Power 106 fashionista (Jess) and a Vogue inherited Journalist ( That would be me)  in a Social Media class...together.'

The outcome? We "Get Social". Basically, although extremely long, this course is doing wonders for my communication strategies and social media love affairs.

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  1. Delighted you are enjoying the "socializing" aspect of social and the strategies you are learning are of value. Thanks for takIng my class. NIce blog!