Sunday, March 3, 2013

Cut Me Some Slack..Please?

This week was pretty hectic for me. I learned, this week especially, that being a woman is hard! (lol) Juggling work and making sure I'm constantly outdoing myself is a struggle. I'm learning to cut myself some slack and not be tooo hard on myself. Nevertheless, amazing things always seem to come my way when I push myself to the edge.

I am officially the West Coast Beauty Contributor at African Pride Beauty. I will be heading to Atlanta early next month for a few events with them and to meet the AP team. Right after that I will be running off to Freeport, Grand Bahamas for a vacation..sort of.

I am the newest Contributor of The Bahamas Weekly and, in between vacation time, will be doing some fashion segments with Bahamian designers. I'll be sure to post them on my website and blog for you guys!

When you believe in yourself..anything is possible.


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