Monday, October 29, 2012

JoyRich Wild Style Opening Event

I am soo proud of my love, David, designer & Creative Director of JoyRich! JoyRich will now be sold at Wild Style on Melrose along with Jeremy Scott and tons of other fab brands!

Love ya D!

Daviidd! #love


  1. Hi Nyvia! Thank you so much for attending the party and posting about it too! It was such a fun event to organize and coordinate together with the Joyrich/WildStyle fam. I was wondering if LA CANVAS mag could possibly get a link on this post? :) Our address is

    Would really appreciate it! Thanks, and hope to see you again at our future events!

    - Vi, LA CANVAS

  2. Vi! Yes, of course! I will also have the post on VIBE.COM soon. I emailed Rebekka in regards to contributing to Canvas. I would love to speak with you about it!