Friday, September 21, 2012

Style Alert:Daniele Watts of WEEDS-People StyleWatch Denim event

My client, Daniele Watts from Showtime's, Weeds, looked amazing last night at the People StyleWatch denim event! The look I created for her was originally for a funky event hosted by Cartoon Network but... this look had a plan of it's own.

The trendy actress wore high wasted sketch denim jeans, Urban Outfitter pumps and a sheer polka-dot blouse with an adorable vintage belt. D is definitely a great gal to work with-she makes Image Consulting  easier than ever!

On D:

  • Daniele Watts has joined the cast of Showtime’s Weeds for its final season, as Angela Mullen, described as quirky, alluring and mischievous, and love interest for Shane Botwin (Alexander Gould), whom he meets at the academy. Watt’s first episode aired July 8 with seven more to come.You'll recall that Ms Watts also is part of the ensemble cast of Quentin Tarantino's highly-anticipated and hotly-contested slave revenge narrative Django Unchained playing a relatively minor role as Coco, which will be her big-screen debut - she's done mostly TV and shorts work before this, and her resume begins in 2008, so she's really just getting started.
 But she's also done some theater work.Worth noting is that Daniele co-starred in that dark, twisted melodramatic short film that sparked a sea of impassioned comments all over the web, wherever it was posted - The Strange Thing About the JohnsonsRemember it? Sure you do! It was one of S&A's most popular posts in all of 2011!Daniele's role in that was also peripheral, playing I believe the wife of the adult son who was molesting his father.So she's going from appearing in one of the most talked about short films of 2011 to featuring in what will likely be one of the most talked about feature films in 2012, going into 2013.

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